In every interpretation either simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, or sworn, there is an essential preparation by our interpreters. They take days, even weeks, to study the interpretation’s subject. Also to prepare the glossary, offering a higher quality service. This is why the informative or audio-visual material our clients provides us with is so important, without it, the interpreters would go “blind”.

If we look to the specific case of simultaneous interpretation, once inside the soundproof booth, the interpreters should be exchanged approximately every 30 minutes. This is due to the strong mental exhaustion that an interpretation requires.

It is a fairly intense cognitive activity. Since they have to simultaneously listen, think, speak and maybe read, multitasking is a basic function interpreters have to develop. As if that was not enough, the orators sometimes speak quite quickly due to time constraints. In most cases, two interpreters are required per language, except if the event lasts an hour and a half maximum.

There is no doubt people prepare a lot to be a professional interpreter. Besides handling at least two languages ​​completely, having higher education, and the necessary certifications. They have to be a person with great concentration. In any of its modalities, languages interpretation is pretty complex.


In Abalingua we also translate any type of commercial or mercantile document. As well, business correspondence, manufacturing manual, sworn medical document and spelling corrections. We specialize in website translation, including localization and SEO positioning.

Our team is made up of native translators, some of them even in both languages, capable of accepting any challenge. We also make audio transcriptions. We must say, we have the state of the art in technical equipment for both our clients and our internal use.

If you are organizing an event with international attendees, either face-to-face or virtual, and you want to have a greater reach, drop us a line at We’ll be glad to help you manage your multilingual event.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

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