Today, March 8, 2024, International Women’s Day, it is essential to reflect on the achievements and challenges that women face in all areas of life, including the professional sphere. In the field of simultaneous interpretation, it is worth highlighting the contribution of women and celebrating their empowerment.

Historically, women have faced many barriers in numerous professional fields, and interpretation has been no exception. However, over the years, they have challenged and overcome these barriers with determination. Today, we see prominent women in key roles within simultaneous interpretation, from small international conferences to highly important diplomatic meetings.

And, although in the past these meetings were dominated by men, in the interpretation booths of major conferences, there was a splendid group of women working very hard. Thanks to them, interlinguistic communication between delegates was possible.



The audiovisual world grows every day in terms of creativity and innovation; however, behind the cameras and out of the spotlight, significant challenges persist in the form of gender inequality. It is crucial to be aware of this problem and address inequality in the audiovisual workplace by working together to overcome these barriers and create equitable opportunities for all.

By promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion at all levels of the industry, we can build a future in which all people, regardless of their gender, have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the audiovisual world and beyond.

On this International Women’s Day, celebrated for over 100 years now, it is important to remember the importance of addressing gender inequality in the audiovisual workplace and committing to take real action every day to create lasting change.

There are reasons to be optimistic; increasingly, initiatives are being carried out to address gender inequality in the audiovisual workplace.

For an audiovisual world where talent knows no gender.


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