Many of you may have heard about Webinars, but some will wonder what they really are. A Webinar can be a seminar, conference or workshop that you broadcast online, whose objective is to provide information while interacting with attendees, either to increase your sales or simply to publicize information that adds value.

With the enormous benefit that attendees can be anywhere in the globe and you can connect more effectively with them. There are different aspects that we must cover if we want to create successful Webinars. The topic must be relevant, its promotion is vital and the providers must be trusted. Above all, we love to offer the best service for our clients, that is why we offer our services as Multilingual Webinars Organizers, even with remote simultaneous interpretation, we can manage it.


Webinar Managers

By offering ourselves as Webinar Managers we seek to cover all the concerns that may arise when a massive online event for more than a thousand people take place. We send the invitations to the participants, we manage the graphics, videos, presentations, everything related to the Webinar itself. We can even record it, in case you want to share it later or offer it as downloadable content, making it a resource for more than one use.

In addition, you can reach an international audience if you wish, we can translate your live Webinar into more than 20 different languages. At Abalingua it is made up of professional simultaneous interpretation experts for both face-to-face and online events. We verify each of the aspects involved in transmitting a Webinar to a mass audience, we ensure that the connections are working correctly.

Last week we had the honour of organizing a Webinar for more than a thousand people, and everything went wonderfully. With the seal of excellence that guarantees us, certainly it was a very enjoyable event. We had the presence of different representatives of the European Union and Latin American Diplomats, who left us their deepest thanks for the excellent management of the event.

It is a pleasure for us to break down communication barriers, especially during these times. If you are organizing an event where you need remote simultaneous interpretation or a manager for your virtual meetings, this is the right place!

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