Abalingua Professional Remote Interpretation Service is a specialized division within the Abalingua Group dedicated to providing top-quality simultaneous interpretation services for remote events. Whether you’re hosting a small business meeting, a medium-sized congress, or a large-scale event held partially or entirely online, our adaptable system is designed to meet your needs and ensure a seamless interpretation experience.

At Abalingua, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality, setting us apart from other providers. Our remote interpretation hubs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including ISO 4043:2016 interpreting booths, Bosch, Sennheiser, and Williams Sound interpreting consoles, Bosch CCUs, and professional interpreting microphones. We spare no expense in investing in the best equipment available to ensure exceptional sound quality. With multiple high-speed connections dedicated exclusively to remote interpreting, we guarantee a strong and stable signal for uninterrupted communication.

Here’s how our system works:

  1. Access and Integration: Regardless of the size or complexity of your remote event, we require access to the event platform or venue where it will take place. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our system into your existing setup.
  1. Signal Processing: Once granted access, we stream the audio/video feed to one of our interpreting hubs, where our professional interpreters work their magic. They interpret the original language into the desired target languages using our state-of-the-art interpretation system.
  1. Delivery Options: Depending on the nature of your event, we offer several delivery options for attendees to access the interpreted content.
  1. a) Fully Remote Events: For events conducted entirely online, we provide attendees with a unique link to our website. This link leads them to a fully customizable landing page, where they can select their preferred language from a drop-down menu. Attendees can access this page on any device with internet access, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets, allowing them to join the event from anywhere.
  1. b) Video Calling Platforms: If your event is hosted on a video calling platform, attendees can open the interpretation link on the same device they are using to watch the meeting. They simply need to mute or lower the volume of the original audio stream from the video calling platform. We provide a short tutorial to guide attendees through this process.
  1. c) Phone Interpretation: Alternatively, attendees can choose to watch the meeting on a computer while receiving the interpretation on their phones.

Our system ensures a seamless experience with minimal delay between the original speech and the interpreted content. While regular interpretation involves a slight delay, there is no noticeable delay resulting from the signal streaming process.

The possibilities are endless with our adaptable system, catering to your unique requirements. Whether your event is fully remote, partially remote with speakers at a location and attendees at home, or a combination of various scenarios, our system can accommodate it all. Attendees can use their own phones, professional receivers at the venue, or any other configuration that suits your needs.

When you choose Abalingua, you are partnering with professionals in the field of simultaneous interpretation. Our team consists of experienced interpreters, dedicated technicians, and industry-leading equipment, ensuring a professional and high-quality service for your event.

If you’re organizing an event that requires remote interpretation, look no further. Contact us today, and let us demonstrate how we can solve all your simultaneous interpretation challenges. Trust us to deliver a professional service that will exceed your expectations.

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