UN’s COP25 Madrid Climate Summit 2019: Facilitating Multilingual Communication

EWC 8 booths 27 conference microphones

We had the esteemed opportunity to collaborate with the United Nations in organizing the UN Climate Change Conference, a critical event that brought together representatives from 50 countries to address the urgent global issue of climate change. As the chosen language service provider, we ensured seamless multilingual communication throughout the summit.

To cater to the diverse linguistic needs of the attendees, we supplied a comprehensive range of equipment. This included 31 double interpreting booths, meticulously designed to comply with the ISO 4043 standards for optimal acoustic and ergonomic conditions. Additionally, we provided 6 triple interpreting booths, 80 interpreting desks, 74 infra-red radiators to ensure reliable transmission of interpretation signals, and 400 conference microphones to capture the voices of the speakers.

To facilitate effective interpretation delivery, we equipped the conference with 4,500 infra-red receivers complete with headsets, allowing participants to receive interpretation in their preferred language. Furthermore, we integrated audiovisual elements by installing 12 55″ monitors and 4 32″ monitors strategically within the venue. These screens provided visual aid and displayed important conference content for the attendees.

To capture key moments of the summit, we employed 3 robotic DOMO Bosch cameras. These advanced cameras ensured high-quality video footage, enhancing the visual experience for both on-site attendees and remote viewers. Our dedicated technical team was present throughout the entire event, providing continuous support and assistance to ensure flawless operation of the interpretation systems and audiovisual equipment.

We are proud to have been part of the UN’s COP25 Madrid Climate Summit, playing a vital role in enabling effective communication among participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds. For more information about our involvement in this significant event, please visit our blog post [here](https://abalingua.com/abalingua-at-cop25-ifema/).

At Abalingua, we remain committed to delivering exceptional language services for global conferences and events. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable interpretation to facilitate meaningful discussions on critical issues like climate change. Should you require our services for any future multilingual events, we are ready to provide you with the highest level of support and expertise.