Oriflame: A Remarkable Multilingual Experience on Two Cruises

Oriflame 20 Languages 2,400 receivers in 2 separate cruises

Our collaboration with Oriflame presented us with a unique and extraordinary opportunity. The event was held simultaneously on two magnificent cruise ships, the Celebrity Silhouette and the Celebrity Reflection. Our dedicated team traveled to Civitavecchia in Rome to set up the interpretation systems at the harbor, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

For this remarkable undertaking, we provided 18 ISO 4043:2016 compliant interpreting booths, with 6 booths allocated to one cruise ship and 12 booths to the other. Each cruise ship was equipped with 1,200 receivers, and we implemented two parallel setups, one on each vessel. Both setups utilized the “traditional” digital IR system, which ensured efficient and reliable interpretation services throughout the event.

One aspect that fills us with pride is our ability to bring our own equipment to events of such magnitude, allowing us to maintain complete control over the setup process. This self-sufficiency ensures a seamless experience for our clients, as we can address any technical challenges without relying on external resources.

Our exceptional technicians swiftly executed the setup, conducting thorough testing and multiple checks to ensure flawless operation. The importance of perfection was evident, as once the cruises set sail, our onboard technicians would be responsible for the smooth running of the interpretation systems without any external assistance. We successfully demonstrated our expertise and capabilities, providing our client with unwavering confidence in our services.

At Abalingua, we eagerly embrace challenges like the Oriflame event. If you have an upcoming event with unique requirements that may pose a challenge for interpretation services, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are fully prepared and excited to tackle any event that pushes the boundaries, delivering exceptional interpretation experiences.