FPdGi Awards 2019: Exemplary Interpretation Services and Technical Support

Abalingua Rey

The FPdGi Awards 2019 presented a prestigious platform for recognizing outstanding individuals, and the organizers were determined to ensure the highest quality interpretation services during the keynote speech delivered by the Spanish King. They wisely chose Abalingua and our cutting-edge AbaSystem as their trusted interpretation solution provider.

With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we successfully deployed our interpretation system, guaranteeing exceptional quality throughout the event. We were responsible for setting up all the necessary equipment and providing technical assistance during the two-day duration of the awards. A total of 600 receivers were made available to the attendees, ensuring that every participant could receive the interpreted content seamlessly.

In addition to the equipment setup, the organizers entrusted us with the task of providing highly skilled interpreters. Our team of interpreters, proficient in delivering accurate and nuanced interpretations, contributed to the overall success of the event.

The FPdGi Awards 2019 stands as a testament to the excellence and reliability of our services. We are proud to have exceeded the organizers’ expectations, ensuring flawless interpretation and technical support. Their satisfaction and trust in our capabilities have reinforced our position as their preferred provider for future simultaneous interpretation needs.

At Abalingua, we are committed to delivering outstanding interpretation services, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and providing comprehensive support to our esteemed clients.143rd Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly, 45 interpreting booth, 2500 receivers, 540 conference microphones

We had the privilege of providing our services at the 143rd Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union and its related meetings Friday, 26 November 2021 – Tuesday, 30 November 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

We provided 45 ISO 4043:2016 compliant interpreting booths, 90 interpreting consoles, 2.500 infrared receivers, 540 conference microphones, together with all the remaining equipment needed for a professional simultaneous interpretation service. These were incredibly long days, with constant changes of agenda and interpreting needs that required our technical staff to be flexible and adapt on the go to the client’s needs.