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Working in venues like this is always a pleasure

Working in events, you get to see many venues and spaces holding events, and there are many which are identical or followed the same guidelines when they were being built, but sometimes you have the chance to work in spaces which are special. One of these spaces is the Tarraco Arena Plaza, a space that used to be a bullring but luckily (both for bulls and for people) has been transformed into a venue holding all kind of events.

Next week we will provide our services there for an event where we provide equipment to ensure attendees can receive a high quality simultaneous interpretation service. Attendees will be able to move freely on the premises, without losing signal. 100% guaranteed. We can provide our high-quality service in any venue, no matter how big is it or the shape it is built in. For example, with other systems it would have been a nightmare to cover this space and if attendees left the room for a coffee or bathroom break they would have lost signal and would have missed what was being said on stage, while with us, they can go anywhere in the venue without losing signal for a second.

We have to say, this is indeed a gorgeous venue.

Abalingua Tarraco Arena
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