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We are stepping up, big time!

We at Abalingua are ready to enter one of the busiest times of the year for us (although we are getting busier and busier every time and every time it’s becoming harder to talk about a low season). We are about to enter a couple of weeks where we will have to stretch our muscles and deploy all our technical teams in several countries and large events happening at the same time. We will be sending 3 of our vans filled with equipment for a massive event in London (15,000+ pax), where we will be implementing our hybrid system, with which we mix the traditional IR system with our innovative AbaSystem to provide 10 channels of interpretation. At the same time, we have a separate team setting up and managing a works council going on in London at the same time, as well as a large event in Munich, another large event at Seville in the south of Spain and several more congresses and multinational meetings.

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