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This is why direct line-of-sight is so important to us.

What can you do if you don’t want to have interpreting booths or interpreters in the room where you are holding an event?

This is a situation we sometimes encounter, a situation that has an easy solution, which is to have interpreters and booths work from an adjacent space where booths are set the same way they would be set in the main room, and they can interpret from there.

 To make sure a professional high quality interpretation is provided, interpreters must have direct line of sight to the speakers, as they constantly rely on the speaker’s body language and non-linguistic cues that help them transmit the message and feeling of the speech.

This is why it is important for people not to stand in front of the interpreting booths, as they block the line of sight between the interpreters and the speaker.

And this is why you’ll often see interpreting booths set on a riser, so that the line of sight is placed above the attendees’ heads and it is not blocked.

And this is why it is also important to make a site visit before the event, to decide where exactly will the booths be placed, being the line of sight for the interpreters the main concern when choosing where to place the interpreting booths.

A couple hours back we’ve landed back from Maui, Hawaii. We followed one of our clients there for a high level exclusive event. The group of attendees wasn’t too big, and it was decided it would be better to place the booths and interpreters to interpret from a separate room.

Medium sized monitor in front of each booth

We placed the 3 booths and we placed a monitor in front of each booth where we streamed video signal from the room where the event was going on.

There are several options to do this, which one we choose will depend on the size of the room where we place the interpreting booths. We sometimes place 24” monitors inside the booth, sometimes 60” monitors in front of each booth, and finally sometimes we place our 90” monitors in front of all the boots, as a 90” monitor is more than enough to have clear video signal in 4-5 booths.

Small monitor inside the interpreting booths

Interpretation went perfectly at this Maui event, we are now back and ready to get accustomed to a new time zone, this time 12 hours’ difference with the one we operated at for a week in Hawaii. And in a few days back we will be flying back to Miami, after providing our services this week in Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, amongst several other European cities.

Regardless of where you need the interpreting booths to be set at, we can help your event become a truly international multilingual event with a professional simultaneous interpretation service. Just drop us a line at and let us show you all the options we have for your event.

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