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“If you are organizing a multilingual European Works Council, you are going to want to talk to us.”"Si estás organizando un Comité de Empresa Europeo, te interesa hablar con nosotros" "Wenn Sie einen mehrsprachigen Europäischen Betriebsrat organisieren, wollen Sie mit uns sprechen.""Si organitzeu un comitè d'empresa europeu multilingüe, voldreu parlar amb nosaltres". "Pokud organizujete mnohojazyčnou Evropskou radu zaměstnanců, budete chtít s námi mluvit." "Hvis du organiserer et flersproget europæisk samarbejdsudvalg, vil du gerne tale med os." "Si vous organisez un comité d'entreprise européen multilingue, vous allez vouloir nous parler." "Europako Negozio Batzordea eleaniztuna antolatzen ari bazara, gurekin hitz egin nahi duzu". "Εάν οργανώνετε ένα πολύγλωσσο ευρωπαϊκό συμβούλιο εργαζομένων, θα θέλατε να μας μιλήσετε".

Abalingua EWC is a division of the Abalingua Group dedicated to provide simultaneous interpretation and AV solutions for European Works Council meetings, or for any Works Council that requires simultaneous interpretation.

European Works Councils (EWC) are information and consultation bodies representing employees in European multinational companies. These work councils can be established in multinational corporations that operate in more than two European Economic Area countries. If the company hires over 1,000 employees, or at least 150 in two member states, a European Works Council can be established. Nowadays, over 19 million EU workers are covered by the over 1000 EWCs that have been created.

We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment for European Works Council. From digital infra-red receivers to wireless conference microphones, DOMO cameras for video recording of the meeting or video calls with delegates located in other offices, video projectors, handheld wireless microphones and all equipment necessary to make sure a meeting of the highest standard can be provided.


For these kind of business meetings, confidentiality is of the essence, and the interpreting signal must be kept contained in the room. The Infra-red system fulfills this need, as the signal will never leave the room. Any receiver that leaves the room loses instantly connection with the simultaneous interpretation signal.

Usually, each language present in the meeting has at least two interpreters assigned. It is no uncommon that we can find 9 or 10 different languages in a meeting, and this makes the need for interpreting booths and interpreters is quite high. As the environment in these meetings tends to be quite calmed and silent, the quality of the interpreting booths is of the utmost importance. Soundproof is crucial.

If we have 10 languages in a room, at any given moment we will have one delegate speaking and at the same time we’ll have 9 interpreters speaking at the same time.

In order not to disturb the normal development of the meeting, sound insulation of the interpreters must be such that while standing in the room we can only listen to them if we do it through the infra-red receivers. Any person in the room not using the receivers shouldn’t be able to hear any of the interpreters. This is achieved by using ISO 4043:2016 compliant interpreting booths. These booths follow the strictest standards regarding sound insulation.

Abalingua EWC has been providing its services to multinational corporations for over 25 years now. We follow them to any European city where they held the meeting and make sure they are provided with the highest quality simultaneous interpretation equipment available in the market. Abalingua EWC is constantly upgrading its equipment, and researching for the latest equipment we can provide our clients with.

Ask for a non-binding quote!

We are convinced we can meet all your needs regarding  equipment for your European Works Council. We have only the latest state-of-the-art digital equipment, and we would be delighted if we could show you how do we work, what equipment we use and how competitive we are. The best way to achieve this would be to send you a non-binding quote for any conference you may have lined-up.

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