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About Abalingua

Abalingua is a group of companies providing tailor-made solutions in the simultaneous interpretation, written translation and audiovisual sectors. Over 25 years of experience and thousands of successful events worldwide back our project.

Based in Madrid, Barcelona and Brussels, our company has been offering professional solutions aimed at our clients’ specific needs for almost three decades. We provide the highest quality services for national and international firms in different fields.

Abalingua was founded for the purpose of translation and interpretation service provision. From the very moment it was created,  the company began experiencing rapid growth with the continuous expansion of its service offer from written translation and interpretation services to the rental of translation and audiovisual equipment.

Currently,  Abalingua is the leading company in the translation sector with a substantial portfolio of native translators, conference interpreters, editors and project managers with extensive experience in the different sector specialisations and service types.

That is why we guarantee optimal management by our team and offer a wide variety of services depending on your needs.

The Founder

In 1992, the Abalingua group was founded by Miguel Alberdi.  Being an interpreter himself, he knows the ins and outs of the simultaneous interpretation sector and market.

With great personal effort and dedication, he successfuly created an enterprise that has sustained a continuous growth. Some years back, an economic crisis hit hard the AV sector, but Miguel decided to go all-in at a moment when his counterparts where scaling down or even closing down their businesses. He took great personal risks and made an investment that allowed Abalingua not just to survive but to actually set the base to be able to thrive and to sustain a continued growth later on.

Our Stats.

See how many confirmed events we’ve had for the last years. We are killing it each and every month!

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