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Abalingua Conferences

Abalingua Conferences is a division of the Abalingua Group specialized in providing simultaneous interpretation Solutions for any congress. With digital receivers and the latest state of the art interpreting equipment, Abalingua can guarantee your international congress or conference will be a success.

We have one of the largest stock of simultaneous interpretation equipment in Europe, we have over 3,000 digital receivers, 50 booths, 300 conference microphones (both wired and wireless), and all the equipment necessary to meet any clients’ needs.

In over 26 years we have provided simultaneous equipment and interpreters in thousands of events (919 last year alone), being most of them conferences which required an interpreting digital system.

Bosch is widely deemed as the top of the line brand when it comes to simultaneous interpretation digital equipment. Almost all our equipment (receivers, central control units, interpreting desks, transmitters, Infra-red radiators…) is from Bosch. The remaining equipment is from highly trusted providers as well, such as DIS.


The experience we have accumulated during almost three decades gives us the security to be able to guarantee a high-quality service no matter how complicated the event may be. We have provided our services in a wide range of situations, which allows us to anticipate complications and take the necessary steps before the problem even arises.

Our experience allows us to do so, but it is also necessary that information about the event is forwarded to us beforehand by the organizer, so that our production team can study each event and try to foresee what complications can that event have.

If you oversee the organization of an international conference where simultaneous interpretation will be provided, you have come to the right place. We have most likely provided simultaneous interpretation for events like the one you are organizing on countless occasions. We have the know-how, and we have the best equipment you will currently find in the market.

Abalingua Conferences is your safest bet regarding simultaneous interpretation. Abalingua Global Solutions can guarantee your experience with us will be fully satisfactory, from the moment you give us a call or send us an email to explain your needs, our team will accompany you through the whole process promptly providing you with solutions to problems you may encounter. We have done it plenty of times, and it is what we enjoy doing. Nothing is more rewarding than receiving compliments from a client after an event is over, and after the client is aware of the ways we can help with.

Ask for a non-binding quote!

We are convinced we can meet all your needs regarding  equipment for your  econference. We have only the latest state-of-the-art digital equipment, and we would be delighted if we could show you how do we work, what equipment we use and how competitive we are. The best way to achieve this would be to send you a non-binding quote for any conference you may have lined-up.

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