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An extremely important factor in any event are the microphones that are used in it, as they are the ones capturing the speakers voice and transmitting its message to the audience. Abalingua has a wide range of microphones, always from the best brands and always keeping in mind the specific needs each client has for their events.

Wired, wireless, lectern, chairman, hand-held,lapel, with interpretation  and voting…we can cover any need any event may have regarding the microphones.

Lectern microphones – AKG -SENNHEISER – SHURE
Chairman microphones – AKG 747 – SHURE 402 – SONY ECM 530
Conference microphones – BOSCH CCS 800
Chairman and delegate microphones
Wireless microphones SHURE and SENNHEISER
Head-worn microphones
Hand-held microphones
Lapel microphones

For any doubt regarding our microphones, please call us +34 934 750 265 or drop us a line at clients@abalingua.com

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