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Abalingua currently owns the largest and most up to date stock of simultaneous translation equipment, in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, totaling a staggering 5,000 receivers for simultaneous translation.

Most of the receivers we own are BOSCH Integrus, but we also have a large number of DIS receivers among other brands. BOSCH is the most commonly used brand in the European market, and the one we’ve been using the longer. All our techs attend BOSCH taught courses regularly to make sure we are updated on the latest technology.

We have receivers that can transmit up to 32 channels, which allows us to provide our services without any problem whatsoever in large congresses with a lot of languages being interpreted at the same time. From small works councils to large spaces where massive events are held, our digital receivers can always provide a perfect sound quality.

BOSCH Integrus System

For any question or doubt regarding the receivers we use, don’t hesitate reaching out to us calling +34 934 750 265, or drop us a line at



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