Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation


Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpretation that does not require any type of technical equipment. In this case, the interpreter sits with the delegates, listens to the speech and renders it, orally translating the message expressed by the speaker once he has finished talking. If the speaker’s discourse is long, they pause now and then so the interpreter can orally translate what was just said. This means of interpreting offers the client more personalised attention than is the case with simultaneous interpretation. In the modern world consecutive interpreting has been largely replaced by simultaneous, but it remains relevant for certain kinds of meetings highly technical meetings, working lunches, small groups, field trips).

There is the obvious advantage of not requiring any equipment, but there are some clear inconvenients as well, being the most evident the fact that this kind of interpretation will require double the time than simultaneous, as the interpreter has to translate what the speaker has said AFTER the speaker has delivered the message, as opposed with the simultaneous translation where the interpreter translates the message WHILE the speaker is delivering it.

Abalingua Global Solution has through the years selected the best interpreters specifically for consecutive interpretation, which requires to have a polished technique for note-taking and an exceptional memory retention. We guarantee to provide your event with the highest quality standards.

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