Chuchotage, (or whispered interpreting) is a technique sometimes considered as a part of simultaneous interpretation. It doesn’t require of any equipment, as the interpreter sits next to the people receiving the interpretation. It is the most commonly used interpretation technique for corporate meetings where one of the members does not speak the common language and requires the services of an interpreter who sits next to them and orally translates everything being said. The interpreter also translates reversely to the others attending the meeting when the client they are assisting speaks.

The interpreter has to face several nuisances, for example an uncomfortable position as he has to lean towards the person receiving the interpretation, as well as having to keep a very high concentration in not too favorable conditions, as he may be exposed to noises, overlapping of voices or interruptions while having to keep an adequate tone of voice and positioning in order not to bother the receiver of the interpreting or any other people around the interpreter which don’t need the interpreting service. All these problems are inexistent in the simultaneous translation inside interpreting booths.

We have all seen this kind of interpretation plenty of times on TV when heads of state meet with their counterparts (and they don’t speak a common language). There is always someone sitting behind them, frequently taking notes while the head of state speaks, and then interpreting the message to the other head of state.

Abalingua has, through the years, chosen the most professional interpreters for each kind of interpreting to be part of our project. We guarantee the highest quality standards for every single event.

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