Ready to take on France

Abalingua has been providing interpretation systems for the last 25 years all around Europe, we started from our offices in Madrid and Barcelona and from there we drove all over Europe to reach the events we were hired to provide simultaneous translation for. This means many kilometers, and looking at a map, it is clear there is a country we had to cross when we wanted to reach any other event in Europe, and that country was France. It is a country we have crossed in all directions hundreds of times. We have spent many hours and slept in hundreds of hotels when we were on the road on the way to our next event. We have of course also provided our services in many events in France, but we had never taken the necessary steps to dig deep and try to get the best out of the French market. That is what we are trying to do now, we have established an office in France and set a sales team to study the market and take whatever decisions needed to reinforce our presence in the country, hoping France will not be just a drive through country but actually a market where we hope to be established very soon.


We are eager to show our equipment, our ISO 4043:2016 booths, conference microphones, DOMO cameras, digital receivers, and specially our own system Abasystem which we hope we can implement in the largest events held in France. We are also eager to show how professional our interpreters and technical staff are.

If you are in France and you are organizing an event, no matter how big or how many booths you need, we can help you. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us so we can study the best way we can help you improve your event.

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