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Wireless Conference Microphones

Abalingua Conference Equipment has recently purchased several dozen SHURE MXCW640 wireless microphones as a part of the Microflex Complete Wireless Digital Conference System that we have also added to our stock.

The Microflex Complete Wireless system combines a fully-featured discussion system with wireless freedom for government, corporate, or educational facilities. It speeds setup in dynamic meeting spaces or at temporary meetings in hotels and conference centers. With no cable limitations, Microflex Complete Wireless is ideal for use in rooms with flexible seating or architectural significance.

    • Automatic Frequency Coordination for quick and easy setup
    • Uses global 2.4/5 GHz spectrum including DFS channels to maximize available spectrum
    • Built-in RF spectrum manager constantly monitors available channel quality
    • Automatic Interference Detection and Avoidance resolves potential transmission problems in congested RF environments
    • High spectral efficiency allows up to 125 units on one WLAN channel

Automatic Interference Detection and Avoidance technology delivers reliable RF transmission even in the most congested RF environments, and robust AES-128 encryption provides enhanced privacy. Each wireless conferencing unit is powered by a smart Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, and a single access point can control up to 125 wireless units without additional software or licenses.

    • MXCWAPT Access Point mounts on wall, ceiling, or stand, and connects with one cable for audio, power, and control
    • Each conference unit can be configured as Chairman, Delegate, Listener, or Ambient role
    • Smart Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery lasts over 11 hours, recharges in under 4 hours
    • Embedded browser-based interface allows remote monitoring and control by chairman or technician
    • Speak/request list can be projected on video display without additional software
    • Integrated NFC card technology in each conference unit allows participants to be identified by name instead of seat number, regardless of where they sit
    • Proprietary Shure audio codec for natural, intelligible sound quality
    • Automatic Gain Control for consistent speech levels for each talker
    • Support for Automatic, FIFO (First-In/First-Off), and Manual microphone operating modes
    • Gooseneck microphones include interchangeable Microflex cartridges and CommShield Technology for robust RF noise immunity
    • Robust AES-128 audio encryption for enhanced privacy
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