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Sennheiser Infoport TourGuide System

Each Sennheiser Infoport portable system briefcase consists of 20 receivers and a microphone. It is a portable interpreting system, with which there is no need for equipment setup booth, interpreter desk, CCU, or derig, as well as no need for technical assistance as all our interpreters have been trained on the use of this system and can operate it themselves.

It is especially appropriate for small meetings or for guided visits where there will be a group of people moving between spaces. The advantages are clear: no equipment setup needed, no technical assistance required (our interpreters will operate it) and the freedom of movement (provided they move together in a group).


  • Only appropriate for small groups, if the group is large it will always be better and cheaper to use the booth system.
  • Distance, the interpreter must be at a distance less than50 meters away from the people who are receiving the interpretation on their  If the distance is larger than 50 meters, signal quality problems may appear.
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