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OTG Nuskin’s Success Summit 2019 8 Booths, 2600 Receivers

We had the pleasure of providing our services at a truly wonderful venue, the Tarraco Arena Plaza (TAP), a place that used to be a bullfighting ring but luckily has been converted into something positive and now holds events and concerts, while keeping the design and structure of the bullfighting ring. This structure makes it impossible to set infra red radiators to use the digital system, and therefore it is a perfect place to showcase our own Abasystem.

We have provided simultaneous interpretation and interpreters on several ocasions, being this last one the one with the most booths and receivers. We had to set 8 ISO 4043:2016 interpreting booths, and we provided 9 interpreting signal channels, that could be heard loud and clear int he whole venue. The organizers had set a small chillout area outside the venue, where you could see plenty of people having a drink while listening tot he interpretation with our interpreting devices. Even the production team used our system because it allowed them to be listening to what was going on on stage regardless of where they were in the venue.

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