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Piece of cake. Bring it on.

We had the chance to provide our services at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) for a client who required equipment from us. The client told us their needs and our production department designed a special setup for the IR radiators (40 in total) so that the clients’ needs were met. We did set up 11 booths as well, with all required equipment and 2,000 infra-red receivers.

This client was bringing its own portable interpreting system with them, but they had a last-minute problem and their goods were stuck at the border when entering Europe. They were quite desperate but they were quite lucky as well, as we could provide them with 600 receivers and 18 portable handheld microphones that act as transmitters for the portable receivers. Our clients’ problem was solved in a couple of hours. We were able to provide him with our own “AbaSystem”, a system that can be used both as a stationary and a portable system. In this case, the later was needed, and we had 18 channels of interpretation working simultaneously with 600 receivers. Good luck trying this with any of the conventional portable systems you can find in the market.

In short, we promised, we delivered and we solved our clients’ unexpected last-minute problem. One more event. One more satisfied client.

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