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No room for booths? No problem!


There are times when the client doesn’t want the interpreting booths to be in the same room as the event the interpreters will be interpreting from. It can be because the size of the room doesn’t allow for booths to be there, or just for esthetic reasons (even though we can provide our gorgeous ISO 4043:2016 interpreting booths). We have a couple of way around this situation when we encounter it. Obviously, the most desirable situation is the one where the interpreters have direct line of sight with the speakers, as this makes their job much easier, we express much more than we think with our body language, and interpreters can transfer this language into words or even modeling the tone of the speech. When this cannot be done because the interpreters need to be removed from the room, we usually set a camera in the room (with a camera operator depending on the event) that streams a live signal to the room where the interpreters will be set inside their booths. (This room is usually adjacent to the main room). We set a screen in front of the booths and this way we achieve providing interpreters with video signal of the person they have to interpret from, where they can see his/her face, but they may from time to time miss some gestures or non-verbal cues.

Another possible solution is to install a DOMO camera, which it could be defined as a robotic camera. It can be remotely operated or it can be programmed to operate by itself. It is usually set in meetings or work councils where they need to live stream with HD signal or where they don’t want interpreters or camera operators in the room. This camera is set on the room and it is programmed to pan, tilt and zoom when a person in the room is speaking, it can focus on such person and display his/her name and position on screen. This system is also very helpful for our interpreters. We recently used this system in a Bentley event where the brand wanted to introduce their new cars to potential customers from Asia. The room wasn’t big enough and we were asked to set the booths in a separate room, which we did and fed the interpreters video signal. From this room we sent the interpretation signal back into the main room, where it was sent into the attendees receivers through IR radiators.

So, don’t think the fact that you don’t want those big booths in the room means you cannot provide interpretation. There are always ways around anything you may deem a problem at your congress or event. We have developed a system which we call Abasystem, with which we can get rid of most of the problems you may encounter when having to deal with simultaneous interpretation. We are problem solvers. We want to help you enhance your event. Let’s study how can we help you.

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