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Madhouse on Madison

And once again, we fly half way around the world to provide our services at a massive event. We are providing equipment and interpreters in Chicago, at the arena where Michael Jordan stunned us all during the 90’s with his superb performances wearing the iconic number 23 on his back. This will be a long week, with long working hours, and at a noisy and cold environment, but with the pleasure of knowing we’ve done setup and tested everything works and with the certainty attendees and client will be pleased with our service. With our system designed for massive events it has been relatively easy to make sure anyone in the arena can receive a crystal-clear signal. Our next massive event will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where we will be providing 15,000 receivers (yes, you read that right, fifteen thousand receivers) for a one-day event. This has been quite a challenge, and we’re eager for August to come and to be able to show everybody we can pull off a challenge that would most definitely put off most of the companies providing the same services we are.

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