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Does size matter? Not to us.

When we introduce Abalingua to potential clients, we always stress the fact the we can provide interpretation for any kind of event, no matter how big it is. We always say no matter how big it is omitting the fact that it also doesn’t matter how small it is.

We are so proud of our large or massive events that we sometimes tend to focus and boast about them and we don’t publicize that much events that actually have the same importance as large events for us. We are talking about the “1 booth 50 receivers” events, held in small meeting rooms or hotels. We are providing organizers of small events like this with simultaneous interpretation all the time. They get exactly the same care and equipment any “15 booths 8,000 receivers” event will get.

The same care goes into preparing both events, each event has a dedicated project manager and a production team behind him / her. For us, it is equally important to satisfy the needs of any client, regardless of the size of the event they are organizing.  

One example of small event could be the World Meat Forum: China at #IFEMA where we are providing our services today. One booth and 75 receivers with technical assistance during the event and derig once the event is over.  With us, no matter how big OR SMALL your event is, you can rest assured you are getting the best equipment available and will get the best possible service without a doubt.

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