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Ciao Roma, Hallo Berlin

We have sent personnel and equipment by boat and by plane to Rome to offer our services at an event there where we provided equipment, this time we brought an ISO 4043:2016 booth and our own AbaSystem, to a client that had tried it at an event in London a few years back and since then they haven’t looked back. Our system is clearly much better than the traditional digital IR system, helping organizers getting rid of many of the inconvenience they must deal with when providing simultaneous interpretation.

The system worked flawlessly and once again we are leaving a satisfied customer.  We leave Rome and the team that was deployed there is on its next stop, changing from the south of Europe to the north, that team’s next event is in Berlin, where they will provide another client with another version of our Abasystem, a version that has been modified to meet the clients’ needs.

Remember, we can help your event regardless of where it is held, we are driving, flying, sailing, moving all the time providing our services worldwide. If you want to ask us for a quote, you can drop us a line anytime at

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