Abasystem 3, portable system suitable for large arenas

Abalingua is about to launch a new product / service that will help organizers who need an interpreting system that can be used both for stationary and portable interpretation, allowing up to 30 simultaneous languages. What this means is we […]

Home Court Advantage

We have been working for the last few months in the production of a large event that will be held in to different venues. One of them is the Palau Sant Jordi, in Barcelona. This impressive venue was inaugurated in […]

Working in venues like this is always a pleasure

Working in events, you get to see many venues and spaces holding events, and there are many which are identical or followed the same guidelines when they were being built, but sometimes you have the chance to work in spaces […]

Some pictures from our last service in Chicago

We are just back from Chicago, fighting the jet lag. Here you can find some pictures of that event. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us should you organize any event that requires simultaneous translation.

Madhouse on Madison

And once again, we fly half way around the world to provide our services at a massive event. We are providing equipment and interpreters in Chicago, at the arena where Michael Jordan stunned us all during the 90’s with his […]

Ready to take on France

Abalingua has been providing interpretation systems for the last 25 years all around Europe, we started from our offices in Madrid and Barcelona and from there we drove all over Europe to reach the events we were hired to provide […]

No room for booths? No problem!

NO ROOM FOR BOOTHS? NO PROBLEM! There are times when the client doesn’t want the interpreting booths to be in the same room as the event the interpreters will be interpreting from. It can be because the size of the […]

MLM, here we go!

MLM, here we go! We have started providing our services for several Multi Level Marketing companies which organize multilingual events usually in large venues, where they gather their representatives in several countries r and introduce new products or services those representatives will then […]

We are stepping up!

We are stepping up, big time! We at Abalingua are ready to enter one of the busiest times of the year for us (although we are getting busier and busier every time and every time it’s becoming harder to talk […]

The world is our playground

Just back from a massive event, about to leave for the next one. The world is our playground. Our team just came back from a 12,000 + event in San José, California, where we used our system designed for massive […]

European Works Council

We at Abalingua are an audiovisual specialized in simultaneous translation. One of the main kind of events which requires simultaneous translation are the European Works Council (EWC for short). The main purpose of the EWCs is to gather representatives from […]

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