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Back to work

We are back from our well-deserved holidays, and we restarted at a big event in Barcelona, Spain.

For the third year in a row, Abalingua Global Solutions has been the provider of choice for one of the world’s leading lasers and aesthetics congresses, the 5CC, held at the  CCIB (Centre de Convencions Internacionals de Barcelona) this last weekend.

We had the privilege of providing both equipment and interpreters, with 9 booths (this time we provided both double and single interpreting booths), 800 receivers and 18 interpreters working simultaneously in 5 separate rooms. We were there during the whole event and were able to promptly react when the client had any last-minute requirement, such as redirecting the interpretation to an overflow room that was setup due to the attendee number being higher than expected. We’ve seen this congress grow in the last years and it is a pleasure to be a part of this growth, as simultaneous interpretation is a key part of this event, and the fact that the client has no doubts placing their trust in us makes us quite proud.

As always, we brought with us the latest equipment available, including ISO 4043:2016 quality standard compliant interpreting booths, which means these booths follow a standard which includes: “accessibility of booths for all interpreters, including those with special needs”, a wider glass view and a newly incorporated window in the door, aiming to reduce booth entries and prevent a decay in audio quality.

These small details added together with personnel professionalism and nearly three decades of operations in the simultaneous interpretation field, is what creates our unique team which makes the grade.

Our client’s opinions reflect it!

Once we set up the equipment and we make sure everything works out smoothly, our technicians will be there to assist the client during the event and make sur the quality of the interpretation service is outstanding.

Our final objective is to satisfy your needs in simultaneous interpretation solutions by offering the best equipment and personnel, that best fit the characteristics of your event.

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