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An outstanding EWC service

We are in the last day of a EWC we had the privilege of providing our services for at the AC Hotel by Marriott Sant Cugat.

We provided interpreting booths with all the necessary equipment, sound system, wireless handheld microphones and wireless conference microphones, with these beauties there are no cables hanging in front of the tables where delegates sit at.

Neat, isn’t it? Wireless conference microphones and digital receivers. No cables hanging or on the table. We have 40 microphones that can make your EWC stand out.

We set the whole equipment the day before the meeting, finishing with 6 booths and all equipment in under 90 minutes. This thanks to our superb technical team for EWCs, highly trained professionals that can guarantee our client the best technical assistance there is.

This meeting lasts for 2 days, our techs will be there to make sure everything goes smooth, and they will derig once the meeting is over.

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