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Abasystem 3, portable system suitable for large arenas

Abalingua has a new product / service that will help organizers who need an interpreting system that can be used both for stationary and portable interpretation, allowing up to 30 simultaneous languages. What this means is we have a new system that can be used to cover large arenas when set as a stationary system, and this same system, with a simple switch of transmitters can then become a portable system that can be used to provide on-the-go interpretation to any group that is moving between spaces. We currently have over 1 thousand receivers and are about to receive a second batch of several hundred more.

One of the clearest advantages of our system over other portable systems is the cost per receiver loss or damage, where we have managed to lower that cost to approximately 10% of what other systems charge.

With our Abasystem Tour 3 system, the signal is crystal-clear thanks to the signal the interpreter sends through the microphone being enhanced and amplified to reach the whole venue where the event is held. If you need more information about this service don’t hesitate to drop us a line at: and we’ll be more than glad to show you our equipment and how it works.

Below you can click on the link that will show you more about our system.

Abasystem 3 EN

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