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The world is our playground.

The world is our playground

Just back from a massive event, about to leave for the next one. The world is our playground.


Our team just came back from a 12,000 + event in San José, California, where we used our system designed for massive events. We didn’t even break a sweat to provide crystal clear signal on the whole venue, in an event where extremely loud music was playing all the time. This time we also brought with us our ISO 4043:2016 booths, which we are going to offer from now on in any of our events in the US. We are one of the few companies worldwide able to provide ISO 4043:2016 compliant booths. The event was a total success, it was an intense week with extremely long hours and where we got very little sleep, luckily our system is so reliable we didn’t have to worry about a thing during the whole week. Organizer will make sure we take care of interpretation in their next event.

After the event, we flew back to our headquarters where after a couple days dealing with jet lag we have already started working on our next massive project, this time in Seville and then London, with 2 days between events. 15,000 attendees and 10 languages in huge venues. And we are not worried at all, such is the trust we have in our massive events system, there is surely plenty of work ahead, but knowing this system is backing us makes things easier.

We will soon start moving around Europe again from large venue to large venue, if you are organizing a big or massive event you may want to get in touch with us so we can meet and see how can we make your life easier.

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