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Increase your international sales with us

The world is going forward by leaps and bounds, globalization is gaining more strength every day, now people can buy things from a continent and get it directly to another one with just a click. If you have a website where you sell any product or service, you’ve probably heard of SEO positioning, which is basically the process of optimizing your website to get organic traffic from search engines like Google, but now imagine doing this internationally, in different languages, this would be Multilingual SEO, to rank your website adapting all the content for a specific region. 

Multilingual SEO is about translating your website into different languages and getting ranked in different countries, meaning your website will be optimized so that when Google visits your website will position it in different languages. This point is crucial, Google has different versions for each specific language and for each specific country. So, basically if you translate your website into a different language then you just doubled the number of potential customers that could come to your site. Also, multi-regional is referred to different countries, and if you get ranked in a different country there’s a big opportunity to get more traffic, more sales from that new area you reached. Business-wise, English is the most used language, being Spanish the second one. So, if you’re not in one of these two languages, there’s a huge opportunity there.

If you’re still asking yourself why should you want to go international, it’s pretty clear: because more website traffic leads sales, and also to help users, so if you want to have a better user experience for your website then you’re going to want to make sure that you’re offering a content that aligns specifically to the region and the language of your customers, as your website and your business grows, your users are going to want to get that information in their own language. This could sound easy, but actually it requires a lot of hard work to get to a wished ranking, besides the website translation and localisation, you’ll also need to be building links, refreshing the content that adds value, creating content marketing with articles and blogs, having your keywords on point, and dealing with all the domain name situations.

There is no doubt, translating your website into multiple languages ​​is a great way to increase your sales, as customers are more likely to buy products in their own language. If this sounds interesting to you, and you’re thinking about growing your business and expanding your reach, just drop us a line at so that we can provide you with a free consultancy and explain our service in more detail.

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