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Abalingua Professional Remote Interpretation Service is a division on the Abalingua Group dedicated to the provision of simultaneous interpretation services for events held in remote, or for events where interpreters don’t need to be in the same venue.

An overview of our service

Abalingua Global Solutions has a new product ready to start solving event organizers’ headaches in these trying times where holding events the “traditional” way is not and will probably be not possible for some time due to the current health emergency that has changed so many of our stablished habits.

We had been developing this system for some time, and current events have allowed us to focus on it and to have a versatile system with which we can guarantee a high-quality simultaneous interpretation service, same quality we always provide, but this time provided remotely.

Regardless of the kind of event you are planning, be it a small business meeting held on any video calling or webinar platforms, a medium sized congress or a massive event, held partially or totally online, our system can adapt to your needs.

We have developed several remote interpretation hubs, where professional equipment has been set. We would like to emphasize this, we are using only the highest standards of quality, both for equipment and interpreters, and that is what sets us apart from other providers. Our interpreting hubs have ISO 4043:2016 interpreting booths, Bosch, Sennheiser and Williams Sound interpreting consoles, Bosch CCUs, and all the latest state of the art interpreting equipment, we’ve never been shy when it comes to investing in the best equipment available. This means interpreters won’t be interpreting into computers using regular headsets as the ones we have at home, but into professional interpreting microphones. Quality is more than noticeable in the interpretation attendees get on their computers or cellphones.

Our hubs have also several high-speed connections dedicated 100% to remote interpreting. Always with a backup connection for any event, we make sure the signal is strong and stable.

How does our system work?

Our system can be applied to any kind of event, let’s see how it would be implemented:

Regardless of the size or complexity of the remote event, our system would always work the same way, we would need to be granted access to the event, be it on a video calling platform or on a regular venue.

We would then use our own platform to stream audio / video to one of our interpreting hubs, where signals would be processed and sent through a professional interpretation system where our interpreters would work their magic exactly the same way as if they were right there at the venue with you.

After they have interpreted the original language to the desired target languages, there are several options.

If the event is fully remote, we use our platform to send the signal to our website. Attendees are provided with a link (where verification can be set if the client requires). This link will take attendees to a fully customizable landing page (can be customized with the event or company’s logo or corporative colors), in this page attendees find a drop-down menu where they can select the language to hear the event interpreted into.

It’s just as simple as that, attendees receive a link that can be opened in any device with internet access (computer, cellphone, tablet, etc.), select their language and they are ready  regardless of where they are at.

If the event is held in a video calling platform, attendees can open the link in the same computer they are using to watch the meeting in. If they choose this method, they should either silence or lower the volume from the original audio stream at the video calling platform (very easy to do, a short tutorial is provided to attendees just in case).

There is still another option, which is to have attendees watch the meeting in a computer and receive interpretation on their phones.

We would like to point out that, apart from the expected delay that regular interpretation entails (time between the moment the interpreter hears the floor language and the moment he/she speaks into the microphone) there is no noticeable delay derived from the signal streaming, it is imperceptible.

There are limitless possibilities as this system is totally adaptable to the clients’ needs, it can be totally remote, it can be partially remote, with speakers at a location and attendees at home, with speakers and attendees at a location and interpreters working from our hubs, with attendees using their own phones to receive interpretation at the venue, with attendees using professional receivers at the venue, and the list of possibilities goes on and on.

If you are organizing an event where you need remote interpretation, you came to the right place. Get in touch with us and let us show you how can we solve all your problems related to simultaneous interpretation, bear in mind you will be dealing with professionals, professional interpreters, professional equipment and professional technicians, and therefore you’ll be providing a professional service for your event.

Ask for a non binding quote!

“We won’t let the current circumstances affect the service we provide, where quality standards are of the upmost importance to us.”

We are here to help you with your remote event. We can provide professional simultaneous intepretation for your remote event from our interpreting hubs.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to show you the possibilities our system has.

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