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Abalingua makes it possible!

These are challenging times, no doubt about it. The events sector has been hit hard due to restrictions on the number of people that can gather at a venue. These restrictions have been slowly being relaxed, but the massive events where huge arenas were filled with thousands of people are still some time away. Small meetings have already restarted, always respecting the social distancing directives, but these new circumstances call for new solutions.

From the beginning it was clear we were facing a huge challenge, as we were providing our services for events that were not going to be held for some time. Luckily, we had been mulling the possibility of providing simultaneous interpretation services in remote, the original goal was to save our clients the expenses it represents to fly interpreters, pay for accommodation, per diem, transport to and from airports, etc. The health crisis that started in China last year sped up this project, and jump-started our remote interpretation hub, which we had luckily finished a few months before lockdown came into place. Due to workload we still hadn’t had the chance to fully stretch our interpreting hub’s muscles, but boy have we! Since day 1 we have been providing remote interpretation services worldwide, managing meetings and webinars, providing simultaneous interpretation for all kind of events, from governmental institutions in 3 continents to small business meetings or even European Works Councils with up to 9 languages. Having this hub has given us the chance to continue providing professional simultaneous interpretation worldwide, we must stress the fact that professional interpreters will be using professional equipment, so we can guarantee an outstanding simultaneous interpretation service for any event you may have to organize. Our remote system can be used in 100% remote events, as well as in events where the event is being broadcasted and attendees need interpretation (either on their computers or mobile phones), it can also be used in face to face events where attendees use their phones, the possibilities are endless.

Apart from the interpreting hub, we also provide the service to manage your event, be it a meeting or a webinar, we have provided this service where we manage the interpreters, the presentations that are being launched during the event, intro and outro videos, as well as recording of both video and interpretation channels, making sure the video is always on the person who has the floor and that people who brings up questions on the chat of the event have their points brought up to the moderator, etc. A full package to enhance the quality of your remote event.

So, if you need management or simultaneous interpretation for your event, rest assured Abalingua can help with that. Drop us a line at and we’ll be delighted to discuss what the best solution is for any problem you may face with your remote meeting or event.

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