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Abalingua at the 12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine

We got off the plane from a huge event in Singapore and the next day we were setting up another large event, when it was a pleasure to cooperate with Activa Congresos organizing the 12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Barcelona this last weekend.

We were in charge of all audiovisuals and interpretation. The event was held at the Barceló Sants Hotel , where we had to equip 5 rooms with screens, projectors, sound system with wireless microphones and interpretation, an ISO 4043:2016 compliant interpreting booth was set in each room, and so did in the Plenary room.

One of the challenges the organizer was facing was there were numerous speakers in each room, and each speaker had presentations that needed to be available at the time of their presentation. Anyone who has been involved in event planning knows that speakers tend to wait for the last minute to hand in the presentation they need to use for their speech, some of them even waiting until the last second before going up on stage to hand the presentation in, with the possibility of encountering problems regarding compatibility with the program on the computer, among others. What we decided to do was to create a private network for our technicians and the organizers and set a drop off point for presentations, where speakers were encouraged to drop their presentations in advance. This network allowed presentations dropped off to be instantly available in all rooms where presentations were taking place. It was a good idea and it paid off, as no problems regarding presentations appeared during the congress.

In this occasion, we used digital simultaneous interpretation equipment, which is the equipment it is frequently used in medical events. We also used our wireless SHURE MXCW640 microphones, that were remotely controlled by our technicians on-site.

We finished derig yesterday, and we are ready for whatever next challenge comes up, bring it on!

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