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MLM, here we go!

We have started providing our services for several Multi Level Marketing companies which organize multilingual events usually in large venues, where they gather their representatives in several countries r and introduce new products or services those representatives will then have to promote into their home markets. As the attendees come from different countries, they usually require many languages being interpreted into, meaning we need to provide many ISO 4043:2016 booths with all the interpreting consoles, transmitters, etc to provide simultaneous translation to the attendees in the room. Obviously, we also need to provide attendees with receivers where they can listen to the interpretation into their native language.

With our innovative Abasystem, a system we have developed through years of experience, we have been able to get rid of most problems event organizers have to face when dealing with large or massive events where simultaneous translation is required. We have successfully got rid of the large cues at the pickup point for the receivers when entering or leaving the venue, cues that are one of the worst nightmares for the organizer as the attendee can leave the congress with a bad impression if he finds this hassle at the last moment, no matter how successful has the congress been up to that point. No more cues with us, these cues aren’t a problem anymore.

The existence of black spots where the receivers can’t get a clear signal is also a constant on large or huge venues. With years of experience testing different systems and setups, we have gotten to a point where we can guarantee crystal clear signal in any venue worldwide, even in the loudest of the environments as usually found on these kinds of Multi Level events.

If you are organizing a big or massive event, you may want to talk to us and see how we can help you, we are problem solvers and we surely are able to make your life easier as simultaneous interpretation at your event won’t be a problem anymore. The equipment we provide at any of our events is always the latest state of the art equipment, from our ISO 4043:2016 booths (we are one of the few companies with a large number of these booths on our warehouses in Europe) to our digital receivers (thousands of receivers, also one of the largest companies worldwide regarding number of receivers, with no need to rely on external providers as these are all ours) and several other thousands from different systems other than the “traditional” infrared digital system.

We can definitely help your event step to the next level, you just need to get in touch and together we’ll study the best solutions we can apply to your event.

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